“The use of high-energy elastic waves offers an original type of Enhanced Oil Recovery that assists in mobilizing trapped oil near the wellbore and at the same time imposes zero environmental impact. My experience with the company dates back to 2011, it’s low cost and ease of installation adds to its potential for significant worldwide deployment.”

Quote from Dr. Kamal Ben-Naceur – GM of Nomadia Energy Consulting, Abu Dhabi, UAE

“Elastic Wave Stimulation is an affordable and efficient method of increasing the well injectivity or productivity. Historic application success demonstrated with more than 200 wells confirms the potential of the technology in (sic) reservoirs with a wide range of reservoir and fluids characteristics.”

Quote from Dr. K. Furman, et al. – Schlumberger-Terratek, Utah, USA

On the basis of critical interpretation of reported work, Elastic Wave Stimulation appears capable of increasing efficiency of oil production in depleted reservoirs without damaging seismicity effects, such as micro-earthquakes”

Quote from Dr. M. Irfan, et al. – University Teknologi Petronas, Perak, Malaysia

The main message of this study is strongly supported by numerical simulations: Elastic Wave Stimulation will mobilize trapped oil, thus increasing oil production.

Quote from Dr. Steve Pride – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, California, USA