Elastic wave stimulation is the greenest EOR method

Unlike thermal, chemical, and CO2 & other gas injection methods, EOR using elastic wave stimulation produces:

  • ZERO Air Pollution
  • ZERO Land Pollution
  • ZERO Surface Water Pollution
  • ZERO Groundwater Contamination
  • ZERO Loss Of Biota
  • ZERO Erosion
  • ZERO Blowouts
  • ZERO Corrosion
  • ZERO Resevoir Damage

What Makes the Zencor Stimulation Tool Special?

Experience and Success

More than 200 tools successfully deployed in more than 50 locations throughout the U.S. Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East. 100% success rate demonstrated when deployed in Permian Basin Clearfork, Glorietta, and San Andres carbonates.

Produce More Oil

Operators have achieved up to 2x increase in oil production, and dramatic reduction in decline rates. Coverage from an internationally patented single tool extends through fault blocks and layers to deliver elastic wave stimulation for multiple wells within a radius of up to 1.4 miles.

Zencor Tool is Easy to Setup

Deploys in abandoned wells, assembles in less than 3 hours, and powered by conventional pumping units.

Very Affordable

Value of the tax credits often far exceeds the cost of implementation, which is a fraction of conventional EOR methods.

Prime Candidates for Zencor Tool Stimulation

Zencor Stimulation has been proven in:

As found in the Permian Basin in the U.S. and in fields in the Middle East.

As found in U.S. Canada, Mexico and North Africa.

As found in the U.S.

Zencor Stimulation works best in mature oilfields with:

  • Gas-Oil Ratio less than 2,000 scf/bbl
  • API Gravity higher than 13 Degrees
  • A high degree of heterogeneity and bypassed oil

Lawrence Berkeley Labs computer model demonstrates how elastic shockwaves mobilize bypassed oil droplets in a waterflood.

Zencor Benefits

Slice your Texas severance tax in half!

Our tools are approved by the Texas Railroad Commission, which means you can pay half the tax on the oil you produce for 10 years. You just need to show that our tools helped you get more oil after a year. One of our customers who used our tools in Clearfork saved more than $5.7 million in taxes!